CIAR service organization is an organization that provides all creative solutions, the best service at the right time and at the lowest cost.

CIAR International Health Tourism and Consultancy Company; For patients around the world, combining the most effective method of treatment options and the lowest cost, highest standards in the field of medical treatment in Turkey is an international medical tourism company that is committed to providing their patients. CIAR is a model health tourism assistant company with its professional, strong and experienced team. CIAR under the roof, there is a very special selected hospitals across Turkey. This network of hospitals has been carefully selected by the 20-year professional health team of CIAR from the eyes of the patients. Doctors who will serve the patients in selected hospitals are specialists in the field.

CIAR chooses the doctor and hospital where the patient can get the most accurate and best service by dominating the entire disease process. It carries out the necessary preliminary interview on behalf of the patient with the doctor selected specifically for this disease of the patient. Guarantees the lowest price for surgery and related treatment in Turkey. We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in a foreign culture in another country. For this reason, we accompany them at every stage of their treatment to ensure that our patients feel that they are always “at home” and never alone. With CIAR, we guarantee a safe and stress-free medical journey.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering institution that always develops and renews itself with our expert staff, without sacrificing ethical values ​​in every field we serve, by always prioritizing patient, patient relatives and physicians’ satisfaction.

Our quality policy

Patient safety, health and treatment is our priority. It is our principle of effective and quality service. We continue all our practices within the framework of the principles of respect for ethical values, scientificity, innovation and continuous improvement.