If our patients requests to come visit us during Planning it will be pleasure for us to meet in a same point and agree face to face.

When our patients send us all their medical information and test results, we prepare patient-specific treatment plans of specialist doctors and share with them.

The condition of the patients is evaluated within 24 hours and the patient is returned.

Transparency is our mission. The patients will be informed about the hospitals and doctors. That way they can compare with other options.

If the patient’s health is not favorable for travel, CIAR is arranging an air ambulance for transfer.

If patients request to stay at the hotel before or during treatment, hotel reservations can arrange by CIAR at the hotels where have contract with CIAR.

CIAR has contract with the hospitals where is close to the hospitals all around Turkey.

When the patients arrived Turkey, they will be pick up by CIAR from the airport and transfer them to their hotel or hospital.

CIAR gives a phone with a sim card to the patients to use during their treatment.

When the patient discharge from hospital CIAR will be on charge to organise all procedures.

Patients are informed about control appointments and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.

CIAR also gives tourism services. If patient requests, CIAR plans a city tour and arrange a tourist guide for them.

Patients may reach out CIAR anytime for after care.