Turkey is a country which is on the transition point of air, land and sea routes at the confluence of Europe and Asia continents. Turkey has lots of historical places and nature that has to be seen. Also Turkey has the most hospital quantities in the World. So that provides Turkey about having 39 milion visitors in a year and being 6th country in the World which attracks tourists attention on about holiday and health. In the meantime 400.000 foreign patients visits Turkey in every year and  in this way to become a popular place.

Health services under control of Health department of goverment in Turkey.

All hospitals that we have partnership serve according to national accreditation criterias and inspected twice a year.

Our partnership hospitals has advanced technology on oncological, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, eye and dental treat. These hospitals also has installed capacity of cyberknife, robotic surgery, MR services, bone marrow, organ transplantation.

In Turkey, all the doctors have to make occupational liability insurance in case of any mistake or malpractice. So the patients have right to compensation.

Hospitals room is very comfortable and rich about design just as 5 stars hotels.

Employees of the hospitals able to speak foreign languages which is make patients feel comfortable to have good communication. Geographically Turkey is so close to Europe, that makes lower the transportation costs and save the travel time.

According these situations Turkey’s position makes this country cheaper than Europe and USA.